Game Cash Agreement

Last Updated: 21st of September 2021

This Agreement (¡°Agreement¡±) enacts the regulations of internet payment method Game Cash which is used to purchase the contents of RAN Online serviced by RANOnline.Id. This Agreement shall be applied to item purchase at the web based item shop of internet based MMORPG serviced through by RanOnline.ID. Users may be responsible for the additional agreement for using contents of other companies, affiliates and third parties or software of third parties.

1. Purpose

  1. This Agreement is entered between and by the customer (hereinafter ¡®User¡¯) and Ratoken. (hereinafter 'Company') for the purpose of establishing rights, obligations and liabilities of each party when using internet based service (hereinafter ¡®Service¡¯) with game cash provided by the Company

2. Definitions

  1. (2-1) Game Cash : shall mean ¡°R-Coins¡± which is the virtual monetary unit used only for purchasing charged services from Item Shop of Ratoken official homepage, solely for registered members.
  2. (2-2) Recharge : shall mean the overall act of purchasing Game Cash by the payment method approved (ex. PayPal) of Company to reserve R-Coins.
  3. (2-3) User : shall mean the user who connects to Ratoken official homepage and purchases and uses the Company provided R-Coins according to this Agreement.
  4. (2-4) Revocation : shall mean cancelling R-Coins purchase and restore the used amount when a User has purchased charged item but unable to use it due to the service failure by the Company whether intentionally or by mistake.
  5. (2-5) Refund : shall mean the overall act of refunding Game Cash in cash or canceling approved payment which were originally purchased with Company approved payment method.

3. Cash Agreement Validity and Revision

  1. (3-1) This Agreement shall be effective immediately when announced on the Website or notified via e-mail to the Users.
  2. (3-2) The act of a User clicking ¡°Agree¡± button on the bottom of this Agreement which will be presented to his or her first time purchase shall be deemed as such User has read and fully acknowledged the terms and conditions set forth herein and agreed.
  3. (3-3) Company shall have the rights to amend this Agreement at any time in its sole discretion. Amendments shall be announced and informed to the users via Website or e-mail including its effective date and reasonable cause. Announcement of such amendment shall be posted on the main page of the Website from 7 days prior to its execution day.
  4. (3-4) User shall have the rights to refuse to agree on such Amendments. User shall express refusing opinions in 15 days from the first announcement date. In case when a User disagrees to such Amendments, Company shall have the rights to terminate this Agreement with such User. In the absence of any refusal, it shall be deemed consent.

4. Game Cash User Agreement

  1. Game cash user agreement shall be effective from when a user agrees to purchase the game cash with Company approved payment method.

5. Payment Method, Option and Charging Game Cash Payment Method

  1. (5-1) Purchase of R-Coins shall mean the consent of User to the End User Agreement. This is a legally bound agreement by and between a User and the Company. By agreeing to this Agreement User constitutes that he or she have no limitation on purchasing R-Coins provided at Website according to United States or all the other jurisdictions.
  2. (5-2) Company may time to time amend, modify or add the terms and conditions regarding prices and payment method of this Agreement and Company shall announce such changes on its Website. Amended, Modified and added terms and conditions shall take full effect immediately, once posted on the Website. In case User disagrees to these terms and conditions, User can terminate his or her account at any time but Company shall not hold any liability for refund nor ratable distribution of the payments which User has made prior to the termination. Company shall not be liable for negligence of a User in understanding the amended, modified and added terms and conditions. All the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement will be effective under each countries related laws and regulations.

Payment Option

  • 1. User shall use only the Company approved payment method to purchase R-Coins. Company can change the payment options at any time on its sole discretion.
  • 2. All payments shall not be refunded.
  • 3. Only the registered members shall have the rights to purchase R-Coins.
  • 4. Company shall not be responsible for the damages occurred by the service failure due to external causes beyond its control.
  • 5. R-Coins shall be used to purchase the Billing Items registered in the Item Shop of Company web site.

6. Payment Approval & Denial

Company has the rights to approve, cancel or deny any transaction for the following reasons:

  1. 1. When User is not a registered member;
  2. 2. When payment of a User cannot be approved;
  3. 3. When suspicions of fraud or User Agreement or Service Agreement breach
  4. 4. When accepting such payment is considered to have fatal damage on Company, Game or to our other Users on Company¡¯s own discretion.

7. Item Shop & Cash Item

  1. (7-1) User will be provided with an option to visit our online store called Item Shop while on our web site and user will be able to purchase the online cash (¡°R-Coins¡±) and acquire license of various virtual items with R-Coins.
  2. (7-2) In order to acquire R-Coins, user may be asked to provide additional information of credit card and other information (ex, your address registered in card company, card expiration date and etc.) that are required for such credit card transaction approval to Company approved payment service provider (ex. PayPal). 10 R-Coins will be provided per each ¡°Real World¡± US Dollar charged to a credit card which the user has approved Company to bill; However, Company shall have the rights to modify the number of R-Coins which User will have the rights for one ¡°Real World¡± US dollar at any time.
  3. (7-3) User fully acknowledges and agrees that refund of any payment made through the Company approved payment service provider shall not be possible for any case or reason including and not limited to the withdrawal of User account, cancellation of this policy, close of Item Shop and/or suspension of the Service.
  4. (7-4) User may also acquire R-Coins via special promotional event of Company. R-Coins does not have any ¡°Real World¡± value but User can exchange it to certain items in our Item Shop. Certain cash items have duration when the other items do not have the duration (¡°Indefinite Item¡±). Each item which User purchases with using R-Coins shall remain in his or her account until the expiration of the item (If not an indefinite item), account expiration date or until the time when the service ends.
  5. (7-5) Company shall not be liable for any loss or damages occurred to cash item in User¡¯s account due to a ¡±Hacking¡±.
  6. (7-6) Company shall not be liable and be obliged for any loss of cash item or EXP due to User¡¯s breach and shall not be subjected for any indemnification according to this Agreement and all other regulations, policies, warnings and/or agreement of Company.
  7. (7-7) User acknowledges that all the information regarding credit card transaction will be managed by the method explained herein and according to our privacy policy and also according to the privacy policy of the Company approved third party payment service provider. User hereby agrees that the information he or she provides to Company or approved third party payment service provider is correct, current and perfect. User agrees to pay the whole amount which occurred from using the service and billed to user (or to your children, if applicable).
  8. (7-8) User shall be liable to all the duties imposed on such transactions. User acknowledges that Company shall have the rights to suspend or cancel the account in the event when he or she provided credit card information for the payment is either declined or returned, User shall provide an another credit card information to Company immediately to pay such amount.
  9. (7-9) Company shall not be subject to any liability for User¡¯s transactions using credit card and/or bank related billings. Company shall have the rights to limit the amount of cash item which User have ordered and/or not to provide any cash item to such User without any prior notice. Additional information which is required for cash item purchases may be required prior to the payment approval. Price and effectiveness of Cash Items may be modified without any prior notification at any time.
  10. (7-10) User shall not sell or transfer, including and not limited to any of the cash items included in the service or any other contents or information to a third person or entity and on Internet Auction Site (Ex, e-bay) or exchange for something with value (Including ¡°actual¡± money) in whole or partially and User agrees that he or she shall not be entitled to such rights. In case of breach, all the damages occurred shall be borne by the User.

8. Minor Protection

  1. (8-1) User aged under 17 must acquire the prior consent of parents (or Legal Guardian) and prior consent of parents include the consent on using paid services and product purchases with charged Game Cash and Game Cash recharge.
  2. (8-2) Legal Guardian cannot file for a refund of Game Cash used by a User aged under 17.
  3. (8-3) If a User aged under 17 embezzles an adult¡¯s name and payment information to register to the site to make Company to believe that he or she is a capable person, then the User will not be able to withdraw nor receive refund.

9. User Disqualifications and Limitations

  1. (9-1) Company shall have the rights to disqualify or temporarily limit the use of Game Cash of a User corresponds to one of the below conditions by notifying the User via email or all other company approved methods.
  2. ¨ç When the information which User provided at registration is found to be false in whole or partially.
  3. ¨è When a User pirates name and/or another person¡¯s information to access the service.
  4. ¨é When a User makes fraud transaction using another person¡¯s payment information or through illegal actions.
  5. ¨ê When a User sells or transfers Game Cash.
  6. ¨ë When a User does not use the Company approved payment method and being overdue more than Company approved period.
  7. ¨ì When a User disturbs use of Game Cash of other Users or causes the interruption of Game Cash Service.
  8. ¨í When User fails to clear the cause of the limitation in Company appointed period.
  9. ¨î When User breaches relevant legislations in the use of Game Cash Service.
  10. 9. Our Game Masters will not be of assistance to users who misused any of our recharge or payment methods. Misuse of our recharge or payment methods may result to account banning.
  11. (9-2)User who corresponds to above 1st provision shall be allowed to use the Game Cash service again only when the reason of suspension have been resolved.

10. Interruption of Service

  1. (10-1) Company may temporarily suspend Game Cash service for maintenance, replace or trouble shooting and communication failure of computers and other information communication equipments.
  2. (10-2) Company may temporarily suspend the service when Telecommunication Provider registered under Telecommunication Business Act has suspended its service.
  3. (10-3) Company shall notify User for service suspension due to above 1st provision in advance via email or web site announcement. Except when such suspension could not be predicted by the Company.
  4. (10-4) Company shall not be liable for any damages occurred to User due to above 1st provision when such suspension was no intention or mistake of the Company.

11. User Liability of Information Management.

  1. 1. User shall be liable for managing any additional information User submitted to make a payment otherwise set forth herein and relevant laws.
  2. 2. User shall not allow any third person to use or access such information and user shall be responsible for such action.
  3. 3. User shall notify Company immediately when such information is stolen or recognized the use of such information by a third person and User shall follow the instructions provided by the Company.

12. Privacy

Company shall not use personal information collected other than the purpose set forth herein, or in breach of relevant legislations or provide to any third parties without prior consent of Users. Exceptions are as the followings:

  1. - When there is a request from a relevant government branch under the relevant legislations on sole purpose for investigation.
  2. - When there is a request from Information and Communication Ethics Committee.
  3. - When a request has been made through the standard procedure specified in relevant legislation.

13. Disclaimer of Warranty

  1. Company shall not be liable for any damages occurred to User without any intention or mistake of the Company relating to this Game Cash Agreement.

14. Dispute

  1. (14-1) Company shall put reasonable efforts to accommodate reasonable complaints and opinions submitted from the Users.
  2. (14-2) 'Company' shall resolve all the complaints and opinions from the Users promptly with reasonable effort. In case when prompt response is not possible, Company shall notify the User with the reasonable explanation and schedule immediately.

15. Jurisdiction

  1. User acknowledges that all the disputes and claims accrued between Company and User regarding this Policy shall be governed and construed by and in accordance with the laws of Republic of Indonesia and must be brought in a court in Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia.