Operation Policy

Last Updated: 21st of September 2021

Purpose of Operation Policy

RAN Online (¡°Game¡±), a game site serviced by Ratoken aims to comply with this Operation Policy (¡°Policy¡±) to ensure provision of uninterrupted services to its users. This Policy aims to provide uninterrupted and accurate game services and information to users, and protect users by expeditiously, accurately and fairly addressing all problems that may arise.

1. Principle of Ratoken Operation

  1. (1) General Principle
  2. (1-1) Company may change, add or delete some of the contents of this Policy if it seems necessary to improve its services. A prior notice will be given in the Game¡¯s website before implementing such changes. As the Policy is for the purpose of provision of uninterrupted and reliable game services to users, and for securing pleasant game environment, users are strongly recommended to observe this Policy. Please note that Company shall not be responsible for any damage arising out of users¡¯ negligence of or non-compliance with information and notices given by Company.
  3. (1-2) Any issue not specified herein shall be subject to the terms and conditions of User Agreement for RAN Online Game services, socially accepted conventions, general sentiments or corresponding laws. Company may take appropriate actions against users who are in breach of this Policy, in accordance with the standards set forth herein, and the actions may be in the form of ¡®Warning¡¯, ¡®Access Block to Game¡¯, and/or ¡®Suspension on Characters/Account¡¯.
  4. (1-3) Notice of change in the Policy will be given on Ratoken website in ¡®Notice¡¯; please check ¡®Notice¡¯ regularly.

2. Customers¡¯ Rights

  1. (2-1) Users may access to Customer Support Q&A on the Company¡¯s website to make suggestions or report a bug; you may access this page by selecting ¡®Support¡¯ -> 1:1 Support in the website. Access to account may be suspended if a user is caught spreading bugs to other users or abusing the bug to gain advantage, without notifying the GM.
  2. (2-2) If you experience any inconvenience or damage caused by other users within the Game, please contact the Company and request for appropriate action against the offender.
  3. (2-3) Users should render their full assistance to GMs when requested for consultation or cooperation.
  4. (2-4) System error may be found in the game, and in this case users should not abuse such error for their benefit. User accounts will be suspended without notice in any one of the following incidents:
    • * Spreading bugs knowingly to other users without notifying the GM;
    • * Taking advantage by abusing a bug;
    • * Abnormal behavior for his own benefit by abusing error found in NPC or in a Monster.

3. Account Policy/Management

An account theft is a crime that involves one person accessing to the account of another in order to commit fraud by changing game information (character items, game money), deleting or modifying character or character values. This crime is subject to criminal penalties. However, the following cases caused by a voluntary disclosure by the account holder are not considered an account theft:

  • * Disclosure of account information by account sharing;
  • * Disclosure of account password;
  • * Disclosure of account information in the course of 'account trade'.
  1. (3-1) An account theft should be reported via Support>1:1 Support on the Company¡¯s website, or alternatively by writing to [email protected] A user who has been proven guilty of hacking or scamming will be permanently banned in game and will be denied access to our website.
  2. (3-2) You must safeguard your own account as problems caused by user negligence or carelessness will not be protected by Company. Should you allow others access to your online account information, you will be responsible for all actions that such persons might take with respect to your account. If you try to share your account with others, or try cash/spot transactions for characters or game items, your membership will be suspended without notice, and you will solely be responsible for any damage caused by such cash/spot transaction.
  3. (3-3) Users must not attempt to use others¡¯ personal information. Plagiarism is a crime and is subject to a criminal penalty.
  4. (3-4) Make sure your PC, anti-hacking software, OS security patch programs and vaccine software are up-to-date. Change your password regularly to avoid becoming a victim of illegal use of your account by a third party.
  5. (3-5) It may take about 15 days for Company to handle your report of illegal plagiarism, and Company will continuously try to expedite investigations.
  6. (3-6) A user will be solely liable for any loss or damage that arises from his failure to safeguard his own account. Recovery services may not be available in some cases of account theft. Investigations may be made based on data stored in the game; if verification is not made in the following cases, Company may not be able to offer assistance.
    • * Login tracking is impossible
    • * An item legally traded before receipt of notice of account theft
    • * A case where supporting evidence are unavailable
  7. (3-7) All of the content elements on the Game site, including characters and items is the exclusive property of Company; and users have the right to use the contents to enjoy the game.
  8. (3-8) If an account is frozen either by the user¡¯s request or resulted from breach of the Company¡¯s terms and conditions of user agreement, Company may remove the account information.
  9. (3-9) Account theft must be reported by users themselves. Reporting indirectly by a third party will not be accepted. An account theft will be investigated based on the user¡¯s report except for the following:
    • * In case of cash transaction (including account transfer);
    • * Personal information of the informer is false or incorrect;
    • * False or exaggerated report;
    • * In case of damage caused by account theft that result from the use of illegal program (the program which is not permitted by RAN Online);
    • * Account sharing (including sharing with family members);
    • * In case of verification being impossible due to discrepancy between the user¡¯s report and the login detail.
  10. (3-10) A report unrelated to account theft may be considered as false report and may be subject to disadvantage in use of the account.
  11. (3-11) You will be solely responsible for any loss or damage arising from account sharing or cash/spot transactions.
  12. (3-12) Users are responsible to secure their accounts. Please secure account information such as email address, password, and secret answer so they can easily be retrieved when forgotten. Game Masters will not be able to provide any lost or forgotten information.
  13. (3-13) With your secret answer and any other important account information secured, you can change your email address through Ratoken's Mail Verification System

4. Name Policy for Character/Guild

  1. In principle, users may name characters/guilds at their will. However, Company or GMs have the right to restrict use of certain names in the game; or change/delete certain character/guild names without notice in accordance with the Policy in one of the following cases:
  2. (4-1) Names in this context mean nicknames, pet names, club nicknames as well as character/guild names in the RAN Online game site and client sites.
    • * Character/Guild names which impersonate of or attempt to impersonate a Game¡¯s official GM (or employee of Company);
    • * Unpleasant names such as lascivious, lustful or vulgar character names;
    • * A character name that suggests or induces cash transaction of item (gold), character (account), exchanges between servers or exchanges of items between different games;
    • * A character name that discriminates race, religion, company or sex (lustful);
    • * A name that falsely assumes or derogates reputation of Company or its development team;
    • * A character name that is reasonably and socially unacceptable;
    • * A character name that includes promotional word for other sites or advertisement;
    • * A character name that is anti-social or violates related laws;
    • * A character name intentionally and satirically misspelled suggesting abusive language.
  3. (4-2) A character name not falling within the above categories, but in need of modification may be subject to change with prior consent of the user.
  4. (4-3) Users are requested to report to GMs a character name that violates the above provisions. Upon receipt of such report, GM shall have the right to change the name at his discretion based on his rational and objective judgment.
  5. (4-4) Unless in violation of the Policy, character/guild names shall not be changed or initialized once they are made.

5. Responsibility and Role of GM

Game Master or GM strives to ensure uninterrupted game operation and user satisfaction in the best environment by conducting the following activities:

  1. (5-1) A GMs shall do their best to handle inquiries or requests of users. Any request which may obstruct operation of the game, such as requests for the impossible, enquiries on game operation or those that users could handle themselves, or repeated issues that have already been dealt with may not be responded.
  2. (5-2) In principle, a GM does not interfere with normal activities of users within the Game. However, the GM may give warnings to, or expel (temporarily or permanently) wrongful users from the game site in accordance with the Policy if the user is found to have used a harmful program or caused obstructions for other users.
  3. (5-3) A GM is obligated to investigate all reported bugs, and users are obligated to report bugs upon detection. GMs or the operation team will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to users, arising from non-compliance of the reporting obligation.
  4. (5-4) A GM may remove NPCs and bad behaving monsters from the game if he sees fit or necessary to prevent interruption for the game operation. If bug abusing is detected and verified, the GM may freeze the account in accordance with the ¡®Abusing a Bug¡¯ provision herein.
  5. (5-5) Loss of item caused by a system bug will be recovered as long as it is verified with the login information. Loss caused by user¡¯s misuse, mistake or non-compliance with the Policy/ notices posted on the website (or in Game) will not be recovered.
  6. (5-6) Game Masters are online. Should you have any in-game questions regarding quests, skills and items, approach any of our Game Masters for assistance. In case questions are too complicated, our Game Masters will assist you in escalating your concern to Support Section.

6. Character Summoning

  1. In principle, a GM will not summon characters unless:
    • * Game operation is disabled due to a map error or bug;
    • * A user is playing in violation of the Policy;
    • * Game operation is disabled due to graphic error in the verified map or character deflection;
    • * Character moving is disabled due to a bug in the game;
    • * In case of a user¡¯s persistent interference with other users in game playing in a map or ignorance of GM¡¯s warning.
  2. Character moving by the GM at the request of users in any other cases than the above, is not allowed. In order to maintain the game operation in uninterrupted manner, the GM may summon characters at the request of the users in the game.

7. GMs will not:

  1. (7-1) Ask for your password;
  2. (7-2) Disclose your information to any 3rd party. Users¡¯ personal information is protected in accordance with the personal data policy unless disclosure of such information is demanded by the military, police or the prosecutor in accordance with the legal procedures;
  3. (7-3) Modify users¡¯ information randomly;
  4. (7-4) Modify game information (such as character name, character¡¯s performance) unless it is absolutely necessary for the game operation;
  5. (7-5) Give a player an unofficial advantage over others (such as provision of an item, acceptance of a unacceptable report) in the game;
  6. (7-6) Give a player a favor (such as recovery, item, and resurrection) unless it is necessary to do so for a special event or for a test;
  7. (7-7) Give a player a disadvantage over others;
  8. (7-8) Favor a player in the game and intervene on a dispute between players unless it is necessary to avoid obstruction in operation of the game.

8. A GM is not:

  1. (8-1) Responsible for damage caused by users¡¯ carelessness over other users¡¯ fraud within the game.

9. Bug Report

  1. Bug Reporting Users are obligated to report all types of bugs within the game to the GM. GMs must record all bugs in detail, and reporters of the critical bugs or useful information may be subject to Company¡¯s reward program in accordance with the Company¡¯s policy. Company is free to determine whether or not to reward for a bug report and the bug reports that seem after a reward will not be subject to consideration for a reward. Users are reminded to report bugs within the game to the GM and non-compliance of this provision may result in restricted access to the game.

10. GMs will not:

  1. (10-1) Give a favor to a user in the game, nor offer any information on upcoming updates other than issues that are already known to the public. * In any other cases than the above, GMs may take appropriate actions within the general rules of the game which are commonly shared between him and the game players, if they think fit to ensure uninterrupted operation of the game.

11. Recovery Policy

  1. (11-1) Company will strive to make full recovery of any loss in the game contents if such loss is caused by Company¡¯s own fault. Users are reminded to request for recovery to the GM, or via Support>1:1 Support page on the website, or via email ([email protected]) for Company to expedite recovery. If however, the reported loss of contents does not exist in the game, or access to objective data to verify such loss is not available, recovery will not be realized.
  2. (11-2) Users are primarily responsible to manage their own account. Loss of contents caused by user¡¯s willful misconduct or negligence will not be recovered.
  3. (11-3) Loss of contents (items/characters) or changes made to information due to technical error in the RAN Online services will be recovered to an extent that it does not affect the game on the whole, provided that the corresponding recordings in the game server are available.
  4. (11-4) GMs are not able to offer assistance in case of loss arising from users¡¯ own negligence, or non-compliance with the Policy/notices given in the game/website.
  5. (11-5) Any item or game money upon completion of transaction with other users in the game shall not be recovered. GMs shall not intervene on a transaction related dispute between users, and will consider the transaction concluded at the moment when it is complete.
  6. (11-6) Incidents caused by server roll back cannot be recovered properly as these do not leave sufficient data in the server.
  7. (11-7) Loss in item or game money due to user¡¯s careless disclosure of his personal data to others cannot be recovered.
  8. (11-8) Game Masters will be of limited assistance to VPN users. Due to dynamic IP address, identifying whether an account is shared or not is difficult and time consuming. Thus, VPN users have to be careful with their accounts because our Game Masters will not be able to assist with account information change requests.
  9. (11-9) Items can be restored only if they are sold to NPC, are quest items and are lost because of a known server problem.
  10. (11-10) Items that are sold to NPC lose its random options. Thus, sold-to-NPC items can be restored but without any reformed stats.
  11. (11-11) Quest items such as rings (e.g Black Knife Ganil, Saintroll Ring, etc.) can be restored for three times only. On the first restoration, the ring will be given back with its upgraded and reformed stats prior to getting vanished. However, on the second and final restoration, the ring will be given back but no longer with any stats.

  12. Please observe the following in association with reporting and investigation of account theft.
    • * If a reported and investigated case for lost item is found to be a case of cash transaction or false report at later stage, an action may be taken against the corresponding account holder in accordance with the Policy;
    • * During the period of investigation of a reported theft, the accounts of the victim, of the user at fault and of the alleged accomplice may be seized for investigation;
    • * The item subject to investigation for account theft may be recalled by the GM at his discretion to prevent the item from traveling to other characters;
    • * Handling of lost item may be delayed in certain circumstances and such delay will be notified to the user who reported the loss;
    • * Users are reminded that false reports will be subject to suspended access to the game.

12. Duplication

  1. Duplication of items or game money in the course of illegal acquisition or in an attempt to acquire by abusing a bug in the system is prohibited. If such attempt or acquisition is caught, the necessary action will be taken towards the account.

13. Character Delete

  1. Characters accidently or willingly deleted by user will not be recovered unless the user establishes reasonable grounds for his action (Request for character recovery must be made within 15 days of deletion)

14. Lost Item Report

  1. Reports on lost item must be made within 7 days from the date of incident, in full detail (including the account information including character name, user¡¯s name) Users are also reminded to provide the date and time of the incident and the item concerned in the report to avoid any disadvantage during the investigation.

15. Item recovery will be made in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. * Lost items by unknown causes such as erroneous rack or circuit, unsaved data or transfer, natural disaster may not be subject to recovery;
  2. * Consumable items or quest items that are already consumed are not subject to recovery;
  3. * Damage arising from cash transaction is not accepted by RAN Online;
  4. * Lost item in the course of normal enhancement is not subject to recovery;
  5. * Damage to item due to account theft will not be recovered;
  6. * If ownership to the item concerned is deemed to have been abandoned voluntarily by the user, the item shall not be recovered in any case.

16. Items in the following cases shall not be recovered:

  1. * The item dumped in the field;
  2. * Item loss arising after transfer of the item to anther user;
  3. * The item after completion of voluntary or involuntary item transaction;
  4. * The item changed in its value or destroyed by item enhancement;
  5. * The item with unverifiable data.

17. Policy for Bad Behaving Customer

  1. (17-1). The purpose of this Policy for Bad Behaving Customer is to protect innocent users from being harmed by the disorderly and malicious conduct of the others during use of the game services, so as to establish a healthy online community and culture.
  2. (17-2). In order to establish a healthy online community, the following postings may be removed. Company reserves the right to take appropriate actions (by freezing the account) against those who post harmful articles on the site.
    • * Messages in profit-seeking nature or advertisement (or similar) that we feel may be harmful to others;
    • * Wallpapered foul languages or messages containing or implying obscene/abusive expressions;
    • * Messages that induce disgust;
    • * Messages that violates public order or moral values;
    • * Messages subject to criminal penalties;
    • * Messages that solicit cash transactions and/or account transactions;
    • * Messages containing links to websites, programs or files that are unsuitable or unacceptable by Company;
    • * Messages open to misconstruction or containing false information;
    • * Hoaxes, curses or chain letters;
    • * Messages containing insulting, slanderous or defamatory remarks on Company or an individual;
    • * Messages inducing illegal piracy or hacking;
    • * Messages based on social/political prejudice against race, sex, nationality, religion or politics;
    • * Messages that disparage Company¡¯s assets maliciously;
    • * Messages that expose his own or third party¡¯s personal information;
    • * Messages unfit for the purpose of the site;
    • * Messages in violation of the Policy or the corresponding laws;
    • * Messages that impersonate a GM or an employee of Company - Use of the bulletin board in violation of the Company¡¯s or any third party¡¯s intellectual properties (such as copyrights, trademark and etc) will be subject to civil and criminal liabilities.

18. Penalty for false report & fraud

  1. Users posting false reports on the site will be subject to restricted access to their account, and the reports will be removed. Fraud in the game refers to wrongful activities making unfair profits from other users for one's own benefit. Such activities are considered as disturbing order in the game and stealing others¡¯ efforts without just compensation, and will be subject to various restrictions in accordance with the Policy as well as criminal penalties.
  2. (18-1) The screenshot attached fraud cases (which can objectively prove item or game money transactions) will only be investigated and dealt with.
  3. (18-2) Item that fell to the ground cannot be recognized and therefore this case does not constitute fraud, and the item fell to the ground shall not be subject to restoration.

19. Dispute between users

  1. GMs do not intervene on a dispute between players in principle.
    Dispute between players must be resolved by the players concerned. Well-mannered and politeness in playing the game will be enough in dispute resolution between players and therefore GMs are not involved in such disputes. If however, a dispute between players infringes upon the enjoyment of other general players in the following cases, the GM may intervene to resolve the matter for the good of all players:
    • * Using inappropriate or sexually explicit language;
    • * Purposely filing a false report on other players;
    • * Threatening or insulting the GM;
    • * Impersonating or attempting to impersonate a GM;
    • * PK Maliciously harassing other players repeatedly;
    • * Obstructing the game continuously - Spamming the chat window continuously;
      - Posting large articles in a chat window;
      - Posting the same articles repeatedly;
      - Using insulting languages or languages made of homophones or intentionally misspelled words to inflict distress to others
    • * Stealing others account or creating an account in another user¡¯s name;
    • * Requesting others for account exchange within the game;
    • * Willfully posting a link or address of a website containing unauthorized software/file;
    • * Willfully obstructing the operation of the game, abusing a bug in the game or using a stolen account;
    • * Spreading rumor or false information.

20. Abusing a bug

  1. (20-1) Using or sharing with other players a bug or technical glitch is strictly prohibited. Abusing a bug may result in crucial damage to the contents of the game or to other users. If you find a bug or technical glitch, please report to Company through the Q&A in the customer support of the website.
  2. (20-2) All advantage gained through exploits by tampering with the game settings, or by avoiding any aspect of the game settings in conspiracy with other players to gain unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. If you witness someone using a bug to gain an unfair advantage, please report to us through the Q&A in the customer support of the website.
  3. (20-3) Abusing a bug or technical glitch is unfair to players abiding by normal game rules. Appropriate action including membership suspension will be taken without prior notice against any player caught abusing or sharing bugs to gain unfair advantages such as:
    • * Knowingly sharing bugs with other users without informing the GM;
    • * Abusing bugs within the game to gain advantage;
    • * Using erroneous item/skill to gain unfair experience points or items;
    • * Reproducing item/game money by use of bugs in the game or illegal program.

21. Policy on Restricted Cash Transaction

  1. (21-1) All contents in the game including characters, items and game money are the property of Company. Trading the game contents with other users is considered an infringement of the Company¡¯s rights, and a breach of the terms and conditions of the Company¡¯s User Agreement, which will be subject to restrictive actions. For cash/spot transaction for item/character/account or game money transaction for character/account can severely and extensively damage the reputation of the game as well as cause harm to many users, it is considered illegal and strictly prohibited by RAN Online.
  2. (21-2) Any one of the following activities will be considered illegal and will be subject to appropriate actions including temporary or permanent account suspension against the user concerned in accordance with the Policy:
    • * Creating a character name that induces cash transactions;
    • * Advertising a cash transaction site, promoting cash transaction, creating and advertising a character/account name that imply cash transaction;
    • * An act of cash/spot transaction clearly verified by the recording in the game;
    • * Posting blank ¡®Sell/Buy¡¯ adverts or promoting a sales that imply cash transaction;
    • * Repeat posting of meaningless numbers or telephone numbers without description;
    • * Writing articles in the chat window/bulletin board implying an intention for cash/spot transaction;
    • * Using a name for character similar to a cash transaction site/address;
    • * Trading item/character/account with other online games;
    • * Advertising in the game for profit making;
    • * Cash/spot transaction of character names;
  3. (21-3) Cash/spot transaction for item/character/account or game money transaction for character/account will be subject to restriction in accordance with the Policy or with the standard contained herein at the end of this Policy.

Term of Punishment by Offense

Term of Punishment by Offense in the game
Category First Second Third Final
Abusive/dirty/slanderous language Warning message Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Chat/website spamming Warning message Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Posting of advertisement Warning message Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Willful obstruction to the game operation (KS, AFK, etc) Warning message Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Infringement of copyright Warning message Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Spreading false rumor Warning message Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Attempted cash/spot transaction Warning message Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Cash/spot transaction Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Account theft and hacking Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Abusing a bug Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Production/distribution/use of illegal program Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Impersonating GM or employee of Company (e.g. GIM, GiM, GlM, etc) Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Abusive action or language used against Game Masters, Operation Admins, or Company in and out of the game. Permanent account suspension (game & website)

Term of Punishment by Offense on the website

Term of Punishment by Offense in the game
Category First Second Third Final
Abusive/dirty/slanderous language/posting Removal of article & warning Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Repeat posting of the same article Removal of article & warning Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Posting of advertisement Removal of article & warning Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Infringement of copyright Removal of article & warning Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)
Spreading false rumor Removal of article & warning Account suspension for 7 days Account suspension for 15 days Permanent account suspension (game & website)