Extra Stage

Each Campus' instructors have been agonizing for the ability improvements for new students and also to help build friendships with existing students. During their agonization, idea of the guidance committee had attracted attentions.

The idea was to introduce new type of training where new students and existing students gather all of their powers together to overcome the difficulty at the 'Newbie Practicing Yard'("N-Practicing Yard") by relieving its surrounding pressure temporarily.

After all the instructors have examined this new type of training thoroughly, they have come to an conclusion to hold Extra Stage for the ability improvements and friendships.

A few days prior to 'Extra Stage' was about to decided to be held, one citizen was kidnapped by unidentified evildoers.

Ami who were passing by has tried to stop the incident but she was outnumbered.

Therefore, she had called for help to all the schools and each school made draft call to all of their students to help Ami saving the citizen.

It is not exactly what we have planned to do but still it will be a great training for New Students and existing students.

Now all the students have to help Ami to save the citizen.

How to Participate :
All the extra stage can be progressed in all channels in a server.
Extra Stage C

Date & Time :
Location : Access to 'N-Practicing Yard' using Event Bus Terminal at 'Practicing Yard'
Requirements : Character Level lower than 100

Thursday 13:00 (RAN Time)

Friday 01:00 (RAN Time)

Extra Stage B

Date & Time :
Location : Access to 'N-Practicing Yard' using Event Bus Terminal at 'Practicing Yard'
Requirements : Character Level 101 ~ 170

Mon & Sat 11:00 (RAN Time)

Extra Stage A

Date & Time :
Location : Access to 'N-Practicing Yard' using Event Bus Terminal at 'Practicing Yard'
Requirements : Character Level 171 ~ 200

Saturday 13:00 (RAN Time)

Sunday 11:00 (RAN Time)

Extra Stage S

Date & Time :
Location : Access to 'N-Practicing Yard' using Event Bus Terminal at 'Practicing Yard'
Requirements : Character who has collected all 5 Extra Stage Certificate from Stage A.

Sunday 15:00 (RAN Time)

Steps :
Starting of Extra Stage will be announced in the game.

After the announcement, a bus terminal and 'Ami' NPC will appear in the center of 'Practicing Yard'. Receive quest called 'Ami's Request' from Ami.
- 'Ami's Request' would require 5 Extra Stage certificate separately for the Extra Stage S

After receiving the quest, use the bus terminal located in the center of the map to travel to 'N-Practicing Yard' the Extra Stage then, purchase and stock recovery potions from 'Stall Holder' NPC.
- Bus Terminal and Ami NPC will disappear in 10Mins so better get to N-Practicing Yard in time.
- Better buy and stock Potions again during the intervals between stages.

Once the Extra Stage has begun, you will be able to hunt down the monsters and acquire enhancement materials and gold.

'Citizen' NPC will appear when you have cleared all the stages and you will be able to carry on with the 'Ami's Request'.

After 'Citizen' NPC disappears, 'Ami' NPC will appear soon then, you need to get your verification from 'Ami' to finish the quest.
- Reward (Random Box) will be given when you finish 'Ami's Request'.

When the quest is completed, all the NPC and monsters will be moved back to 'Practicing Yard' after certain time and Extra Stage will be finished.

Notice :
- During the event, do not move to other maps because once you are out, it is not possible to get back into the Extra Stage again.

- No penalty of exp loss for dying in the Extra Stage but try not to die during the event because you will be resurrected at the start point where is considered as outside of Extra Stage Map.

- 'Ami's Request' can only be completed when it has been carried out in assigned order.

Lead Club Battle

Since when the 3 campuses were being established, Saint Foundation have gathered the functions into local E-Rooms to create automated financial and management system.
As the phenomenon had emerged the operations of E-Rooms were interrupted but the repeated restoring tasks of students made them function again little by little.
This has started automated taxation process to be operated again, trading fees were withheld from each and everyone's account and three schools and Sacred Gate Hole, Mystic Peak Hole, Phoenix Hole Trading Hole and etc. are the areas effective.
Plus, each area's E-Rooms were supposed to be controlled by a person who has special rights and instructors from 3 schools have decided to use this to help students' self study and to build sense of belonging to the school so they have created the 'Lead Club Battle'.
(However, actual purpose was to create distrust between the students with the material gains, to sort out the strongest ones and to make them as their useful beings.)

How the winner club is decided? :
wed & Sun 13:00 (RAN Time)
Date & Time:
Location: Each area's local E-Room ? for the security matter, it can only be reached by taking bus.
Restrictions: Not possible to hold two areas at the same time.

- Announcement will be made 1 hour, 30Mins and 10Mins prior to its start.
- Existing Lead Club members will have the free access to the E-Room before the battle begins, as long as they hold the rights. For every other character, they could only enter during the Lead Club Battle.
- At the Start, with the announcement, the Lead Club Battle will begin.
- As it begins, chaotic unlimited PK mode will set in.
- Verification could be processed by attacking side for one minute to complete it and once it is successful, attacking side will be switched to defending side and everyone else will forced to move to outside of E-Room.
- Verification can be done by a club master who has 'Verification CD'
- When the limited time is over, club who are defending will be the final winner.
- Dying during the battle would not have penalty loss of the EXP points.
*In case when all the clubs have failed to become a lead club, trading rights will be transferred to monsters and the trading fee rate will be set at 5 %

Trading fee control :
- Club which has successfully achieved the Lead Club title will maintain their rights until the end of the next lead club battle.
- Club master who has taken one of the four areas will have set the trading fee from 0~50%. (Basic rate is 5%).
- Each area's trading fee will be collected hourly and remitted to Lead Club's club locker.

Local E-Room :
It can only be reached by riding a bus. Starting point can be changed and saved at the entrance but it is not possible to change it inside the E-Room.
#1 - E-Room Bus Station / E-Room Entrance

#2 - Room Exit / E-Room Safe / E-Room Terminal

Verification CD :
- Can be purchased at the entrance of each E-Room
Only, it can only last for short period of time because self made paint was used instead of general CD materials. (Expiration Date 2 Days)

Club Battle

The world of RAN gradually stabilized with the passion of students...
The children who came together to seek the truth of Another World...
Seems like the very first fight took place in Phoenix School...
Several radical students started the fight and it soon spread from Phoenix School to Sacred Gate and Mystic Peak Schools like a razing flames. Eventually, this aimless fight even has incurred the discord between the clubs.
The situation has got worse and special measures were needed to be done. Then, the Student Director of Phoenix School had assembled a conference of all the instructors and the Mystic Peak School Student Director suggested and settled a new school regulation to allow the clubs to fight under mutual consent.
The favorable times between the clubs are history and the infinite competition begins, now.

Participating clubs must be at club rank A or S to start the battle at Practicing Yard or in Head.B Area.

How to Start the Club Battle

- Click opponent club master while pressing 'Shift' key.
- When community window pops up, click "Request Club Battle" Icon on the far right.
- Input Battle Duration Time and click 'OK' to send the invitation. If opponent club master accepts the invitation then, the countdown will start in chat window and after 60 seconds the Club Battle will begin.

Rules of Club Battle

- Maximum Number of Opponent: Possible to battle against maximum 5 different clubs at the same time.
- Duration Time: Club Battle can be played for minimum 10 minutes to 24 hours tops.
- Truce/Surrender: Possible to Truce or Surrender after 5 minutes have passed since the battle has begun.
- Club Master's Rights and Obligations
* Club Master has the right to Start/Truce/Surrender the Club Battle.
* The Start/Truce of Club Battle can be activated only when the both Clubs' Masters are online.
* Not allowed to recruit new club member during Club Battle.


- Win: The club which has killed more opponents will be the winner when appointed Club Battle Duration (Min. 10mins ~ Max. 24hours) is over.
- Draw: Battle will be a draw when each club's kill numbers are the same after the battle is over or when truce was made. (even if the battle ends in a draw, if one club has scored higher kill points then it will be announced)
- Defeat: Pressing surrender button or killed less than opponent.

Important Tips
- During Club Battle, it is not possible to join the party with the opponent club's member.
(If a player is in a Party when the Club Battle began then, the player who belongs in the participating club will automatically be withdrew from the party and if that player was the party leader then the party will be dismissed)
- During Club Battle, it is not possible to make alliance with other clubs or to participate.
(Another club of alliance cannot participate together in the Club Battle)
- Once the Club Battle has begun, it is not possible to dismantle the club.
- In order to participate in the Lead Club Battle, Club Battle must me finished (Win/Truce/Surrender) 10 minutes before Lead Club Battle begins.
- During the Club Battle, attack with pressing 'Z' key will not be counted in total number of kills.

- Possible to see the club members' locations in the mini map in the areas where the Club Battle can be held. (Club members locations will be displayed in every 2 seconds and it will be marked with 'G')
- Character and its club score (Kill/Death) can be viewed in the 'Hostile' tab of Club Window (Shortcut key 'G').
* Club: All the club members' total Kill/Death scores are updated in every 5 minute.
* Individual: Individual Kill/Death scores are updated instantly. (Individual Kill/Death scores will be initialized when log out)

Club Death Match

The background of Club Death Match

From the originated establishment of 3 private educational institute, all institute's clubs are it’s at most serenity existence. When the accident happened and unexpected door had opened, the strongest 8 members of the club thought that this could be a great opportunity to see another world, and then they decided to pass through that new dimension. Unfortunately, among 8 members only the club master had the chance to come back alive.
Right after he went back from that dimension, the club master saw the disaster that this dimension might bring to our world, so in order to stop this from happening he thought of making the most elite club with a new member of 8 people including him.


8 members including Club master of the S-Rank Club

Club Death Match's rule

* Maximum members: 8 people including Club master
* CDM Time: 1 hour
* Who can get CDM’s right:
Club master will grant the right to participate in CDM to 7 members. Club master is always has capacity to qualified himself in joining CDM. Club master cannot give the right of CDM to other members in 10 minutes before CDM started until CDM ended (The member without the right cannot participate).

Ways to join in

Club master can provide the right to the member by clicking ‘Appoint Sub-master button’ then choose ‘Club challenge’ and click ‘OK’.

You should enter ‘CDM E-Room’ from the hole in the ‘Market Place’. (In front of Tokyo II entrance)

Ways to proceed

Inside club death match zone, you can change save point and purchase the item you need from ‘Legendary Brawler (Avatar)’.

Club death match will start then you can now have a battle with the other clubs

You can exchange the reward to the NPC called ‘Legendary Brawler’ after the club death match is done.

Club Death Match Time

    Every Wednesday and Saturday 22:00PM [Ran time]

Club Death Match reward

  • - 1st Place: Exceptional Osteal Uniform [3D] [Top, Bottom, Gloves, Shoes]
  • - 2nd Place: Exceptional Osteal Uniform [3D] [Top, Bottom]
  • - 3rd Place: Exceptional Osteal Uniform [3D] [Gloves, Shoes]
  • - 4th Place: Enhancer Random Box

Caution pointers

  • - In the process of club death match, you cannot use Card Item to move to another map. (For example: Back point card)
  • - While the CDM is proceeding, CDM E-Room cannot be entered.
  • - In club death match pets cannot be used.
  • - In the process of CDM, club master cannot suggest to authorize CDM’s right.
  • - While the CDM is in the process, club battle can’t be start.
  • - Right after the CDM has come to an end, all the characters are moving to the Market Place, and available to exchange the reward to the NPC called ‘Legendary Brawler’.

Mail Box

What is Mailbox system?

Mailbox is the new system that can help you to communicate with the other user easier. You can receive/send a mail, item or ran gold.

How to use?



Level requirement Above level 10
Basic fee 1,000 ran gold
Additional gift card fee 1,000 ran gold
Additional fee for item attachment 1,000 ran gold
Charge for ran gold attachment 0.2%
Highest amount of ran gold can be sent 200,000,000


Level requirement Above level 1
Maximum number of mail 30 mails
Maximum period to save mail 15 Days


Maximum number of mail Latest 30 mails
  • - All the mail (whether you read it or not) will be deleted 15 days after it is received.
  • - However, mail with an item or ran gold will be sent back to the sender automatically if it isn’t opened within 15 days. The letter that sent back to the sender will be deleted from your Inbox after 15 days.

How to read?

  • Mailbox window can be opened by clicking the Mailbox terminal in front of every campus.

    • - Received: check received mail.
    • - Write: send new mail.
    • - History: check sent and received mail.


  • - Received letter will be classified into ‘Read’ and ‘Unread’ one. Click the letter to check its contents.
  • - You can receive an item or ran gold that attached to the Mail by clicking ‘Rec’ button. However you cannot receive the item if your inventory is full. (To return the mail you can click ‘Retu’ button)

To receive an Item from the mail with a ‘Bill’ you should click ‘Acc’ button to pay the demanded ran gold (remember to check the attached item and amount of demanded ran gold before you click the button because system will take your ran gold automatically once you click ‘Acc’). However you cannot receive it if your inventory is full. Also mail will be sent back to the sender if you click ‘refu’ to refuse the demand and the mail will be deleted from the received tab.


  • - Enter receiver’s name, title and the contents of the letter then click ‘Send’ button in the bottom of the window.
  • - ‘Preview’ button can be used to filter ‘abused word’ on the letter and design card you’ve chosen.


  • - Simple information such as mail sent and mail received status (arrived date, read or not confirmation) can be checked in this tab. (However you can’t check the detailed information such as attached ran gold amount or item)

    - You can only check the latest 30 mails. The old history will be deleted first if the number has exceeded 30.

The introduction of Sonya - Boss mob of Saint Research Complex


My name is Sonya, the only person who didn’t get any influence from the accident. However, Saint Foundation has faked my death and brought my body to the Saint Research Complex to do a research about my immunity. I was fooled by them and agree to do a simple examination. But not too long after that I found that they have faked my death and manipulate my identity. I was so shocked and angry when I know their real reason to do a research on me. I tried to run away but my body wasn’t mine anymore. They did severe experiments to me every day and crack my mind until the influence of the accident take the control of my body….


Sonya can transform 4 times.

1. Sonya

The first form of Sonya, she has the weakest attack and lowest HP. She will give high damage using continues attack after reduce HP of every character for the most 30%. She also has the skill to push away enemies and reduce attack’s range in one time. To decrease the number of death it’ll be better if you attack her from different place of every side.

2. Sonya’s soul

Second transformation form will be summoned in the place where Sonya collapses. Different from the first form which is beautiful girl with a blonde hair; second form will appear as a nasty monster that has many tentacles and spit disgusting sap. Same like first form this monster will reduce HP of every character and attack continuously. Be careful because this monster can pull you to itself and make you freeze so you cannot attack.

3. Broken Sonya’s soul

Third transformation form will be summoned in Sonya’s form. But different with her weak looking this Sonya has stronger power than the second form.

4. Last Broken Sonya’s soul

This is the last form of Sonya. It has the same appearance with the second form but the size is bigger. That’s why she also has the strongest attack. The monster will drop 3 Type (R) weapons once you kill it and Sonya will be summoned again in NPC form.

5. Weird Sonya

She is NPC and won’t attack anybody. She has the same appearance as Sonya. Everybody who can enter Saint Research Complex can purchase Weapon random box to get the newest Type (R) Weapon. (One box only provides one weapon).

Box’s name Price Rate
Undried-Sap Weapon Box 10,000,000 (10 Million) 0.1%

Dim Weapon Box 50,000,000 (50 Million) 1%
Red Weapon Box 100,000,000 (100 Million)


Blue Weapon Box 500,000,000 (500 Million) 10%

Sonya, beautiful monster who’s born from Saint Foundation’s prohibited research. She may wait someone to help her get out from her current form as a monster. Please help her!

Another World

Saint Research Complex

  • - A research complex where all the secret laboratories of Saint Foundation are located.
  • - When the phenomenon took place, creatures under experiments have been freed due to the partial system failure of Environment Control Tower.
Monster Lv. Name
200 Two-Headed Dog
200 Tamer
200 Slicer
200 Cuniser
210 Enraged Lycan
213 Grey Lycan
215 Recearcher (P)
215 Researcher (L)
218 Blue Urga
220 Red Urga
220 Priest
225 Priest of Destruction

Complex Basement

  • - This area is where this world's Absolute Point and Gate to another world is located.
  • - This is an Instance Dungeon where players have to complete their mission in limited time.
Monster Lv. Name
90 Tetra Flame
220 Priest
225 Priest of Destruction
230 Hillo
230 Cyclops
250 Cannon Buster
250 Arc
250 Gainun
250 Lucian


Image Name Description
Garansanoa Logistics Manager One of the 10 Partisans whom were sent by Daramaians. An elder of Daian Tribe, the number 1 tribe among Daramaians. He got separated with his party at the secret pathway in the basement of Headquarters and has been looking for his party at the end of the secret pathway, ever since.
Urga Urga Once was a Mascot of the Animals and Plants Lab but has escaped to avoid indiscreet experiments conducted under Dr. TK's supervision. Hopes to turn back the friends normal again but having hard time to find a way to do that.
Priest Priest Daian Priest who got abducted to our world as the Dr. TK's order. She had been a bio-test object in the Complex Basement and it caused her memory loss. She has very strong grudge against the researchers who conducted experiments on her and wants revenge.
Researcher Researcher During the phenomenon, he was exposed to the virus that leaked from Animals and Plants Lab due to control system error and currently mutating. He feels guilty about conducting tests on the animals but he is losing his rationality.
Logistics Manager Logistics Manager A suspicious oldman who didn't get any affects from what the phenomenon had left behind due to the isolated location of Saint Research Complex from outer world.
Silent Priest Silent Priest Daramaian elder Priest who recovered her senses since the Complex Basement got out of control. Found out about Lucian's conspiracy and waiting for someone who could help her save Liz.
Defeated Gainun Defeated Gainun Appears when the Gainun in front of The Gate of Another World loses. The Gate is causing a very hard to bear pain on her.
Liz Liz One of the 10 Partisans whom were sent by Daramaians. Originally from Lagia but she is currently helping Daramaians according to her master's order.
Legendary Broiler Legendary Broiler He used to be a legendary club master who had left to Another World. He had left with best members of his club but he realized that he needed stronger power to survive over there. Returned Legendary Broiler hosted a competition called Club Death Match to help inferiors to improve their abilities.
Legendary Broiler(Avatar) Legendary Broiler
Legendary Broiler has left his avatar at the area where Club Death Match is held to inspire inferior's training.


Image Name Attack Regen,Location
Enraged Lycan Enraged Lycan 360 Degree Spin Kick & Body Crash Attack Saint Research Complex
Grey Lycan Grey Lycan 360 Degree Spin Kick & Body Crash Attack Saint Research Complex
Blue Urga Blue Urga 2 Forefeet Attack & 1 Strike Down Attack Saint Research Complex
Red Urga Red Urga 2 Forefeet Attack & 1 Strike Down Attack Saint Research Complex
Researcher(P) Researcher(P) 2 Hits & 1 Strike Attack Saint Research Complex
Researcher(L) Researcher(L) Poison Gas & Vine Attack Saint Research Complex
Priest Priest Energy Wave & Scratch Attack Saint Research Complex,
Complex Basement
Priest of Destruction Priest of Destruction Energy Wave, Scratch & Lightning Attack Saint Research Complex,
Complex Basement
Hillo Hillo Tornado Slash & Tumbling Slash Attack Complex Basement
Cyclops Cyclops Finger Laser & Rocket Punch Attack Complex Basement
Cannon Buster Cannon Buster Vicious Energy Wave Attack Complex Basement
Arc Arc 2 Energy Wave & 1 Energy Wave Attack Complex Basement
Gainun Gainun 2 Sword Energy, 5 Kicks & 1 Energy Attack Complex Basement
Lucian Lucian 3 Strike Down, 1 Energy Wave & Flame Attack Complex Basement

Attendance Book

  • - Press “Y” button on the keyboard or click an icon similar to “Trophy” beside “Mailbox icon” in the bottom.
  • - You will receive Ran gold, EXP and life point automatically if you login to the game and check your attendance for the required time.
  • - EXP and ran money will be provided according to your level and the day of attendance randomly. (The higher your level the more EXP point you can receive).
  • - You can complete Attendance for 7 days. Once you did check an attendance until Day 7, the system will initialize your attendance to Day 1. (It’ll be the same when you stop check an attendance in the middle. Ex: You’ve checked your attendance every day until day 4 but on the day 5 you cannot play. The system will be initialize your attendance to Day 1)

In-game Item shop

What is “In-game Item shop”?

In-game Item Shop is a new system from Ran Online where character can buy an Item without having to log in to the website.
Item provided in this shop is very limited to the necessary of hunting item such as Bracelet, Spiritual sphere, HP potion and etc.

What currency is used in the “In-game Item Shop” and how to get it?

New currency called Ran point will be added to the game and can be used to buy any item in this Shop. Buy an item called “Ran point card” in the Item shop and put it in the inventory of the character you want. Right click on the card to convert it to Ran point. (NB: Make sure that the character needs those Ran points because you cannot transfer it to other character once you convert Ran point card into Ran point).

Ran point card can be purchased using “R-Coin” and “R-point”. R-point is bonus point provided to the users who access our website frequently. You’ll receive 1 R-point every day you login to the website and 50 R point if you “like” our Face book (Unlike our face book and like it again if you already like it now. One account will receive R-point only for one time/50 point). This R-point can be used only to buy Ran point card.

How to use “In-game Item Shop”?

* Press “/” (Under the backspace button on the keyboard) to open “In-game item shop”.

* In-game Item Shop User Interface.

  • 1. Item’s name and price.
  • 2. Search bar.(Find the name of the item you want)
  • 3. Category (Choose the category to ease your search)
  • 4. Array the item according to the price.
  • 5. Back and next button of the Item list.
  • 6. Your Ran point balance.
  • 7. Shopping cart.
  • 8. “Buy”’ button.
  • * Put your mouse above any item you want to find the detailed information about the item.
  • * Right click on the item to add it into the Shopping cart or delete it from the Shopping cart.
  • * Click “Buy” button to finish your transaction and the item will be provided to your inventory.
  • * Every item in the In-game Item Shop is untradeable, so buy only an item you need especially you have to be careful when you buy any item with the duration (The time will be calculated once your item provided to the inventory).

Extracurricular activity

What is “Extracurricular activity”?

An extra activity that could be done simply while playing a game including level achievement, mobs elimination, items collection, new area discovery and item consumption. The higher the level of the character the more extracurricular activity could be done.

Extra activity reward

Activity Point: special item can be purchased using accumulated activity point.
Badge: a title that could be attached in front of character’s name if an activity with the level of difficulty completed.
NB: there is no EXP and ran gold provided as an extra activity’s reward.

Check your “Extra activity”

- Press “Y” button or click “Trophy” icon to check your extracurricular activity.

- Item from "In-game Item shop" cannot be used to fulfill the task from Extracurricular activity. (For example: There is a task to use Megaphone 20 times, you cannot complete this task using an item from In-game Item shop).

Apply your badge

- Open character window using “c” button on the keyboard and gained badge can be check on the left top of the window. The button show gained badge and the title will be applied in front of character’s name if you click it.

Item that can be bought using accumulated activity point

- Total extracurricular activity and collected advance, normal easy activity point can be checked in the left top of the window. Click “ITEM” button to find out the detailed information of purchasable items. (This window only show the information of the item)

NPC Location

Easy Ex Activity: In front of each campus
Normal Ex Activity: In the Market Place
Advanced Ex Activity: In the Central tower of Saint Power Plant.


What is “Tyranny”?

‘Conquering Battle’ held between the students of 3 Schools to take over “Saint Power Plant”. Unique items and various rewards shall be awarded to those whom successfully have occupied more “Controllers” when Tyranny ends. (Held in every 3 hours.)

How to participate?

1. Request

Press “U” button on the keyboard or click “Tyranny icon” in the bottom to open the window and then click “Participate”.
Participants will be listed in the waiting list and summoned automatically in the order of request once tyranny starts. However, request will be automatically canceled if the participant is disconnected from the game after sending the request, or disconnected from the game while tyranny is under progress.

2. Start

  • - Participants will be summoned automatically to the area where each campus’ flag is fixed at.
  • - Status and the elapsed time of Tyranny will be displayed in the top middle section of the screen.
  • - Buffs will be applied depending on the number of the participant. (Stronger Buffs will be provided to a school with fewer participants).

3. Mini map

Question marks are the locations of every unconquered Controller. Mini map will also show the locations of students from the same campus.

4. The Controllers

  • - Attack the Controller to conquer the area.
  • - Conquer as many Controllers possible to win the Tyranny in 30 minutes of its playing time.
  • - It’s possible for the other campus to take over the conquered Controller if it cannot protected.
  • - Tyranny will be ended in “Draw” when campuses have conquered Controllers one for each.

5. Portal

Participants can teleport to the Central Tower where the battle is usually held using the portals near the flags of each campus or the ones can be found near the Controllers.

6. Reward item

  • - Press “c” button to open Character information window and “Contribution” can be check at the left bottom of the window.
  • - Participants can purchase Extracurricular Activity items and Contribution items from “Dispatched Extracurricular Activities Teacher” located at Central Tower.

Contribution point

  • - Campus Conquered: “30points + Extra Points (according to Damage/Number of Kill)” = “Total Contribution Points Acquired”.
  • - Campus Failed to Conquer: “10points + Extra Points (according to Damage/Number of Kill)” = “Total Contribution Points Acquired”.
  • - Maximum Point collected per person: 50 points.
  • - Contribution Points are accumulated points.

7. Random Buff Rewards

Category Name Description
Basic Buff Dialogue of Victory [School Occupying a Controller] Trade items from Dispatched Extracurricular Activities Teacher located at the center of Saint Power Plant.
3 types of buff will be applied randomly Fortune of Victory [Winning School] Rare item drop rate increase.
Luck of Victory [Winning School] Monster item drop rate increase.
Joy of Victory [School Occupying a Controller] EXP acquired from hunting monster increased by 10%.
Shouts of Victory [School Occupying a Controller] Attack Power increase by 8%.
Passion of Victory [School Occupying a Controller] Defense increase by 7%
Pleasure of Victory [School Occupying a Controller] HP+MP+SP recovery rate increase by 0,0005
Retrieval of Victory [Winning School] Monster gold drop increase 5%
Strength of Victory [School Occupying a Controller] HP increase by 10%.
Vitality of Victory [School Occupying a Controller] Moving Speed increase by 0,2%
Energy of Victory [School Occupying a Controller] Skill Delay decrease by -0,15

Item Compounding System

What is Item Compounding System?

This new system allows user to create a completely new item by collecting some materials from hunted mobs or junks in the street. User can create some useful items which cannot be found in the game by using this system.

All about Item Compounding System

1. In the Compounding window, there are total 12 item categories. Item from hat/hair and random box category can be compounded directly when you have the requirement materials. As for the other categories, you have to learn it first (by pressing plus/+ button). Among 10 categories available, you can learn at the most 4 categories.
If you do not learn it, you cannot compound any item from that category (for example, you have learned weapon, armor, costumes and gloves category. You won’t be able to compound any shoes, pants, accessory and etc).

NB: You won’t be able to initialized learned category optionally. Compounding Oblivion Manual is needed in order to initialize learned compounding category.

  • ① Check Compounding Point – acquired compounding point of each category will be shown if the option is selected.
  • ② Compounding Category Information - shows how many categories are learned and how many are not.
  • ③ Item Category – There are weapon, shirt/vest, pants, gloves, shoes and other category shown. Press + button to learn the category, only 4 categories among 10 can be learned at once. (2 basic categories and 4 additional categories).
  • ④ Item List – List of the item which can be compounded, you can check necessary materials after selecting the item.
  • ⑤ Compounding Information – shows the information of the selected item from the category. Required condition to compound items will be shown on the right side of the window.

2. At the certain probability, compounding point will be provided after each compounding process. This point is accumulated and won’t get reduced. However you won’t be able to collect points after a certain value. This point will be applied only to the item of the category where you gain it.

3. Icon in front of each item of the category shows the item's compounding status. The status can be found below:

  • : Show that necessary materials are not in the inventory.
  • : Show that more than 1(part of) necessary material is in the inventory.
  • : Show that all the necessary materials are in the inventory and item can be compounded.
  • : Unable to compound the item because manual/tutorial is not learned yet.

4. Each item can be compounded successfully at the certain probability mentioned.

How to Compound Item

1. Collect necessary materials by eliminating Mobs, Boss Mobs or some Junks in the street.

2. Compounding window can be opened by pressing “;” button in the keyboard or click "Gear" icon (beside the Tyranny icon).

3. Choose the item that you want to compound. If you already have all the necessary materials, you can compound it directly by pressing the "Compound” button.

NB: Compounding process will be cancelled automatically if you click “Cancel”, press "Esc" button or move your character. Do not worry! Materials will not vanish if the process is canceled.

4. Result of the compounding process (success or failure and acquired compounding point) will appear in the system chatting and the item can be found in character's inventory.

Personal Store Searching System

What is Personal Store Searching System?

It means that you can search or compare any items that are sold by other users or you can purchase the item that you want at anytime in anywhere. This system can be used in all map area (Except for some certain maps), so wherever you are you can check and purchase item that sold in other user personal store.

How it works?

In order to use the system, you must own "Personal Store Search Card” in your inventory. This card can be found in "College Representative" NPC in the Market Place for 15,000 gold. Press right-click button on the card to open Personal Store Searching Window.

In that page, you can find 3 tabs above (Search, Item Cart and Transaction History).

Item Searching

There are a lot of options that can be selected in the "Search Condition" page. Set the option to find any item you want.

In the "Item Type" option, there are total 15 kinds of option (for example: weapon, armor, accessory, etc) that you can choose.
Besides that, after setting your item type, you can try to fill the stat or random option you want in the column. If you have an interest in some items, you can purchase it directly or you can add it to your Wish List.

Shopping Cart?

After you have added your interest item to Wish List, you can check it once again. If you’ve decided to purchase it, you can just select then press "Purchase" button in the below of the page.

If you have 2 same items and still confuse which one should be bought, you can print the information and compare both of items using the "Print Information” button below the page. The information of the items will be shown just like in the picture above.

Calculating the Price

When you have decided to purchase the items in your Shopping Cart, you have to select it (check small box in the right of the item). Purchased item's price and amount will be shown in the right side of the window.

In addition, you can find the total price of your purchase items, your current and remain gold after purchase.

Transaction History

In this tab, you can see your purchase or sell history.

How to find purchased items?

Item purchased from Personal Store Searching System will be sent to your mailbox automatically.

Entrance Interface


  • ① : Forbidden Tower Content Button Information..
  • ② : Forbidden Tower Instance Dungeon Entrance Requirement.
    • - Goal : Complete mission of each stage.
    • - Req Level : Maximum and Minimum Level Information.
    • - Players : Minimum Member for Enter and (Recommendation).
    • - Play Number : Limit Enter Number and (Remain Number).
    • - Entry : User that have the Authority to Enter.
  • ③ : Instance Dungeon List
    • - White Color means you can enter; Red Color means you cannot enter.
    • - If "Belong" time is on progress, user cannot enter again until it cancelled (⑤).
  • ④ : Forbidden Tower Enter Button
    • - If all requirements (②) are fulfilled, user can enter the dungeon using the Enter button.
    • - When the Party leader presses the Enter button (④), (all party members had to press the "Enter" button that appears in the Pop Up window), all of members can automatically enter.
  • ⑤ : To cancel the "Belong" time if it in on progress.
  • ⑥ : Button to Exit from the window.

Forbidden Tower Interface


  • ① : Remain time to clear the current stage..
  • ② : Information about the Stage : Clear, Current, Goal.
    스테이지넘버 분류
    Mark of Cleared Stage.( Number in Circle with X Mark.)
    Mark of Current Stage.( Number in Circle with Yellow Background.)
    Mark of Unreached Stage.( Number in Circle with Gray Background.)
    Mark of Final Stage.( Number in Circle with Yellow Brown Background.)
  • ③ : Requirement to clear the Current Stage.
    • - Reach shown Coordinate with certain number of members
    • - Kill Amount of Mobs.
  • ④ : Hint to clear the Stage.

Mission Failed & Restart UI


  • ① : To Retry the Stage, users have to pay some amount of Ran Gold.
  • ② : Remain time to press the “Retry” button. (If there is no action taken until the time is over, the Content will automatically closed)
  • ③ : Retry Button. (All party members have to press the Retry button so it can be activated.)
  • ④ : Quit Button. (If one of the members presses the Quit Button, the Content will automatically closed)

Mission Clear and Reward UI

  • NB : Character will be summoned to the Market Place once the "Exit" button is clicked. Press the "Esc" button to close the window and loot dropped items. There is no compensation for user who clicked the "Exit" button before loot the item.
  • ① : Show Stage Progress. (Finished until 30th floor, "All Clear" will appear)
  • ② : Show MVP Character. (Additional Reward for MVP is Ran Gold)
  • ③ : Show Bonus Reward.
  • ④ : Show Gained EXP Point and Ran Gold
  • ⑤ : Button to exit Forbidden Tower before the time is over.