The Begining

It's been 18 years...

The prophecy was found from the old testament of the East Shaman nature book. And he said ...

"The face of the dark side of Helios, and when he is swallowed by the clear dark crown, the enormous head of the giant will fall from the hands of the dark red shadow. And then will hear the smoldering debris of the young screams, while the ground has been punished."

Master T.K, who is a geomancer and feng shui master, has been researching for 18 years on East Shaman prophecies. Then after that, he was able to translate the prophecy, and he brought up the fact that it referred to the beginning of the fall of the world. He had tried to convince, and warned people to prepare for a new crisis for mankind. But it is not yet a strong argument.

Then the apocalypse has begun. A terrifying solar eclipse plunged the world's skies, and a torrent of demonic meteors fell to the ground. The sky was shimmering red causing a dark glow with faint solar flares.

This is God's punishment for our judgment day.

Years later, a mysterious organization known as SFG (Saint Foundation Group) appears, and has been ruling the world over the past two years. The supreme power of the SFG eventually established four unique institutions. Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak, Phoenix, and Leonair, these institutions only accept the most creative and strong students, who are protected under the management of this SFG. A highly respected institution from a worldview, although disturbing rumors about disturbing truths began to emerge.

Then, an SFG project called "Shaman's Mayhem", a subject that has been kept a secret, deals with stimulating living substances from the other side of the world. And thus, according to SFG, it is a new hope for saving the critical state of the current nature. Then finally, they have achieved the result, and that is mankind's greatest mistake.

The collateral balance of the world dimension has been broken. The unknown side of the world, the greatest speculation takes the world to greatness, and transcends all bearing tragedy. The unusual power of natural influences turns people to modify genetics. And the strange behavior of the majority of people that brought the world into a major downfall.

And now ...

Not many people know what's left...

You are one of the few hope, which can bring our new future.
You have to join one of the SFG agencies to find out the truth,
and to fight the despair of reality...

Bring Back Memories

In the midst of the world's chaos and loss of balance, and with the Saint Foundation Group founded 3 schools that admit the strongest and most creative students.

The development of the world has become increasingly chaotic, the balance has shifted and is almost lost. There have been emerging new jobs with various types of skills that have messed up the world. The ability of these new jobs has made existing jobs feel threatened and excluded.

A few students who remain loyal to the existence of old jobs, get together and plan to turn things around. They want things to return to their original state, solid balance, strong morale, high cooperation. Then they make a time machine to go to the past. Some of these students then destroy all the seeds and sources of the emergence of these new jobs.

Several problems arose, the students could not find the seeds and sources of the Extreme job, which was also planned to be annihilated, but time was running out, all annihilation had to be done, it was better to carry out annihilation for other jobs to completion, leaving the Extreme job. to be completed later, rather than fail at all.

As a result of time travel, there was a time paradox, a wave of change had occurred in the flow of time. Instead of changing the future, the waves of the flow of time have broken into a different future, a different history.

A new future has emerged, things have returned to the way they were before, albeit with a different historical flow. The students who traveled through time finally chose a new future, which had just been formed and continued the continuity of the flow of time.

What are you waiting for Ranner, keep the current flow of time, reshape a new history, bring back memories that once existed.